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The heart of what we do at Equilibrium Zone (EZ) is solving complex problems and creating a transformation roadmap for innovative companies. Through this Fellowship, we want to equip the next set of transformers who will help businesses unlock their true potentials and put them on their upward growth trajectory. 

This remote fellowship is a rigorous 4 month program that is a combination of intense learning and nerve-wracking hands-on project experience created for all aspiring Business Analysts and Management Consultants.

Take on assigned learning drills (which is a mix of courses & practical tasks).

Take on assigned real-life project experience and briefs.

Get mentorship from top tier analysts and consultants.

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Here are tracks open for this cohort

Business Transformation

Are you passionate about seeing traditional companies evolve into a whole new entity through a 360-degree transformation across business model, marketing and sales, business structure and technology leverage? 

Will you like to dive into deep research to see what makes venture transformation worth the while, will you like to harness models mixed with your inner genius to draw out transformation strategy and implementation road maps. Then this track is for you.

Growth Product Management

Are you crazy about numbers and growth metrics? Do dashboards make you think of ways you could craft a data story? This might be your track.

On this track, you will learn to use measurement tools, models and strategies to track the growth of startups, unlocking hidden insights and nuances of the customers, the market and the performance of the startup against both. You will learn to track the impact of each growth driven move no matter how small or how big, studying how that affects the bottom line. You will also learn how to create strategies and implementation plans to accurately move the growth of a startup to a clearly defined point based on given metrics.

Performance Marketing

Are you up for daring marketing challenges? Would you like to take on the bold journey of being able to confidently maneuver marketing tools, concepts and strategies to achieve a very definite sales result? Then this track might be for you.

On this track, you will learn to take your pre-existing knowledge of paid ads campaigns, email marketing, search engine marketing and other marketing channels to a whole new height of performance. This is a core hands-on track and pre-existing marketing knowledge is key.

Venture Director

Do you have a vision of building and shaping the next innovative idea? This might be your track. 

On this track, you will learn how to identify, scope, structure and validate new venture opportunities that are strategically relevant and create value to a target community. Your objective is to shape and kick-start the launch of new businesses: from customer need validation to solution ideation, business model, testing right down to the seed fund stage. You will also learn how to set up a team that will drive the scale-up of the startup.

Digital Business Management

For really small businesses, digital is changing the way they do business. This track is for you if you are passionate about small business growth and how digital tools and strategies help to manage the business and drive growth. 

This learning track will span across marketing (digital marketing), sales, accounting, project management, file management, data and insights. It will culminate into learning how to use digital tools and strategies to help micro and small businesses leverage all the key areas to grow their business.

Product Distribution & Sales

The best products needs equally the best distribution and sales strategy to get to the hands of the users. Have you always wondered why a fantastic product or service you used never got widely known and accepted? It simply lacks distribution.

On this track, you will learn how to drive effective product distribution and sales for a product, startup or venture. This track is for you if you are looking for a connecting point between technology and sales.

Fellowship Requirement

Prerequisite engagement that communicates deep interest in chosen track (e.g. a short course, a volunteer activity etc).

Ability to commit 15 hours weekly.

A working computer.

A stable internet connection.

Lots of self-leadership & self-motivation.

Fellowship Promise

Good and sound experiential knowledge.

Real-life project experience.

Mentorship by industry expert.

Access to paid courses.

Program completion certificate.

Job placement recommendation.

Where Our Mentors Work

Ready to get started?

Application Opens: June 25th – July 14th, 2021
Interviews: On rolling basis until July 22nd, 2021
Successful Applicant Contacted: July 24th, 2021
Program Commences: July 31st, 2021 
Program Ends: November 28th, 2021
Graduation: Saturday, December 4th, 2021

Registration for this Cohort is closed.


It’s fully funded for this cohort! Yes, all paid for.

This is a 4 – month program

Sure! You only need an average of 2.5 hours daily. You might however have to plan around the weekly meetups which will usually happen on Thursdays.

We are looking for vibrant and self-driven youths who are willing to challenge the status quo. We are looking for fast thinkers and people who have a flair for research. We have a preference for young applicants who are in the early or mid-stage of career.

Yes, you could work your current job while taking this learning experience into your dream career.


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