Partner With Us On Our Mission To Help Businesses, Companies and Startups Grow & Earn Big While At It

Get ₦1000 commission every time someone buys an EZ offering. Qualify for an iPhone when you refer up to 20 people.

About EZ

Equilibrium Zone is on a mission to deliver products, services and offerings that will help business/brands /startups across the world drive rapid growth! At the same time, help raise champions who will be powering that growth! 

We are creating a big ecosystem of companies driving big growth and also talents who are driving that growth.

Where You Come In

There is a limit to the amount of people we can reach! We need you to join our influencers club, bring in more businesses and talents to the ecosystem through your influence, and then allow us to reward you for making that happen.

What’s In It For You?

You earn almost N20,000 Weekly! For each person you successfully convince, you earn an average of N1,000.

For each 20 referrals, after earning your N20k, you get a raffle ticket!

This ticket qualifies you to win an iPhone 11.

Meaning, you get N20k and also a golden chance to own one of the latest iPhone.

Registration is free!

Instant registration Instant payment

Simply get as many people as you can to purchase any one of the three EZ products and smile to the bank.

No let SAPA spoil your December. Start earning now!

Are you in? Here Are The Steps To Get Started

  1. Join the EZInfluencers Whatsapp Group here –
  2. On the Group Description, you will find a full brochure on the actual offers.
  3. You will also find the link to create affiliate link for each offers
  4. You choose the offers that vibe with you mostly and you create your referral link
  5. You start sharing and tracking progress yourself. 
  6. You get paid on each referral 
  7. When you hit 20 referrals, you get a raffle ticket to qualify for our grand prize.

You Have Questions? We have Answers

Are you people not a scam?

No we are not. We are part of the network of African Innovation Labs –,

We have run multiple events and initiatives – please check out our Instagram page –

What are the Offers I am Influencing?

We have put all the available offers into a simple document, when you get on the whatsapp group , you will have access to all.

When Do I Get Paid My Commission?

Our products and services have 7 days money-back guarantee, so we process payment every Friday after the 7 days of the purchase from someone you referred/influenced/brought in.

Where Can I Join The #EZInfluencers Whatsapp Group?

How Do I Track My Referrals?

We have built a dashboard for each offers, you can simply track yourself. You can see how many website link visit is coming through your link, you can also track the purchases.

Got more questions?
Simply join the group, then ask your questions, we will be happy to answer, in fact, other #EZInfluencers might end up answering you.


Got any inquiry, press information or just want to find out what we are up to lately, we are just an email away.


HQ: 3, Oni & Sons, Ring Road, Ibadan, Oyo State.
T: +2349014353499