COVID-19: Repositioning your Business for Sustainable Growth in 2021

A report on the business learnings of 2020, and what to do to reposition your business for sustainable growth in 2021.

A guide on what to do to grow your business in 2021


The covid-19 pandemic changed a lot of realities for companies in Nigerian especially in the areas of Marketing, Sales and Operations. The pandemic together with its series of lockdowns had a great impact on small businesses, especially in developing countries like Nigeria (for example: The Nigerian economy contracted by 6.1%, the lowest in the past 10 years).

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SMEs have had to deal with ambiguities that might exist post-COVID, such as challenges with their revenue stream, customer generation and retention, and disruption in operational processes. The year has indeed been a turbulent one for most businesses, especially small and medium-sized enterprises.

There was a general decline in business growth across industries. Some businesses died, some survived while some thrived and new ones were created in some cases.

2020 is the best year yet for some business. You might be wondering, What did the winners and successful businesses of 2020 do differently.

We shared the same curiosity with you at Equilibrium Zone , which is why we went ahead to  find out what winners are doing and what others can learn from them.

We have put together a report of our findings, the learnings, and strategies adopted by the 2020 winners and what we believe forward thinking businesses should be adopting and implementing ahead of 2021 if they want to join the winners.

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