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About Us

As a company, we pride in knowing that through innovation and youth empowerment, we can promote economic prosperity in Africa.

Equilibrium zone is a business growth advisory firm creating, innovating, nurturing, supporting and enabling innovative early-stage companies that are solving social problems and creating economic value in Africa.

We incubate and invest in innovative start-ups and enterprises by providing them with the adequate structure, strategy, data,  tools, support and competent workforce to accelerate their growth and enable them to scale. Thereby opening up decent work opportunities for competent African youths.


Evaluation and Background Check

Our first stage here is performing a detailed evaluation of your idea towards arriving at a decision.


Acceptance and Integrations

When accepted, we work out a detailed process to get integrated into our foundry network and set up all service offerings.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to become Africa’s foremost innovation hub that supports early-stage high potential companies to empower many youths

Our Mission

We help companies hack their growth by providing structure, innovation, and growth advisory support for companies using digital technology.

Core values that drive us


At its core, we are an innovation hub that promotes innovative early stage companies solving crucial problems and creating value in Africa.


Integrity defines us, we pride on it and do only the right thing consistently as an organization.


We strongly believe in the power of combination which is why we provide the support needed for growth for the businesses in our organization to enable us reach our ultimate goal faster.


Customer experience and touchpoint is paramount to us; hence we are constantly leveraging technology to promote digital businesses that creates new value chains to promote quality and long lasting experiences for customers.

Teamwork & Partnership

Working together as a team makes us accomplish far more than we can. This spirit of teamwork enables us to achieve maximum effectiveness and efficiency as an organization. We partner with progressive individuals and organisations to achieve our primary goals.


Empathy is a core attribute of emotional intelligence that drives productivity, we hold unto this value in high esteem among our teams to motivate the team members, enable collaboration, and increase productivity to promote development


Got any inquiry, press information or just want to find out what we are up to lately, we are just an email away.


HQ: 3, Oni & Sons, Ring Road, Ibadan, Oyo State.
T: +2349014353499


Got any inquiry, press information or just want to find out what we are up to lately, we are just an email away.